celia rosser gallery

Welcome to the Celia Rosser Gallery and Banksia Cafe!

Winter hours: Saturday and Sunday 10am till 4pm

Unfortunately we will be closed on the weekends 21–22 & 28–29 July

(although we try hard to be open on these days, if you are traveling especially to visit us,
please call ahead so we can be sure to welcome you)

T: 0455 777 334


Located in Fish Creek, South Gippsland on the way to Wilson's Prom, a visit to our gallery is not to be missed. Admire the astonishing detail of Celia Rosser's botanical art, view our sculptures and changing exhibitions,
enjoy a cuppa at our cafe, browse the gift shop for unique Australian made designs,
and maybe meet the artist herself!

Celia Rosser Gallery


 Renowned internationally for her botanical illustration. The gallery houses prints of Celia's artwork in a beautiful setting.

Originals for sale and veiwing.

 On display is an orginal Volume 1 of The Banksias, a three-volume series of monographs containing watercolour paintings of every Banksia species. Read also Banksia Lady: Celia Rosser, Botanical Artist by Carolyn Landon



 We specialise in custom-made picture frames milled from banksia timber.

Our prints are framed with banksia timber moldings assembled at our workshop on site. We also offer a framing service for people wanting to bring in their own artwork for framing.

The timber is sourced from fallen banksia trees, milled, air dried for one year, and then kiln dried then a special clear coating is applied to the banksia timber.  The banksia timber with its distinctive wood grain ensures that each frame is a unique work of art in itself!

Banksia Café


Enjoy a tea, coffee and home made biscuits  and browse the...

Gift Shop


Browse the gift shop for unique Australian made designs and objects crafted from banksia wood.
Select local design-ware and crafts are available and well as a range of Celia Rosser cards.

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